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Plans After Graduation

Picture of a group of students at convocation

When most students try to think past graduation and what their plans are, their future gets hazy and unsure. It can be especially hard thinking of what you want to do once you graduate because that means either finding a career that is right for you or applying to further education. For me, I knew that after four years of university I wasn’t finished with school yet. I had researched different programs and found that a one-year post-graduate certificate at a college was most ideal for me. One year would be long enough to teach me some of the practical knowledge that college provides, but short enough to keep me on track for what was to come next. It was also very enticing because at the end of many one-year programs there is an internship or apprenticeship (depending on the program) that actually allows you to test out a job in your field and give you some experience before heading out into the “real world.” For me it was a no brainer, this type of program sounded great.

For others, plans after graduation may be getting your masters, doing a longer internship, or finding a job right away. It’s important to do your research to know what will fit you best, and what will help you achieve your long-term goals. If you know your field often requires a lot of experience before being hired then it might be best to go into further education where you can gain experience doing volunteer jobs, working in a lab, or working with a professor, etc. If you have a job opportunity straight out of graduation then you might think it best to go for that immediately (especially if it means working in a field you love while paying off student debt). The good part about plans after graduation is that they can constantly change. You can go back to school at any time if you feel you want to, or you can change jobs after gaining experience at one and feeling like it’s not the right fit for you. Just because you make a decision now about your plans after graduation right now, doesn’t mean the plans will necessarily stay that way.

- Kiley