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What to expect as a Software Engineering Technology student?

Picture of a student in software engineering class

As a software engineering student you can expect courses that will challenge your analytic, technical and leadership skills. The nature of the courses are designed to assess, and test your technical knowledge and therefore you will see yourself doing more than usual assignments and or projects compare to your other peers.

To be more specific, software engineering will require having a strong logical and this strength will be tested in the programming courses. So expect multiple programming courses which will provide useful technical knowledge to pursue in the fascinating world of technology. Why programming? It’s simple. Programming is the foundation of most of the courses in respect to software engineering and is closely related to other components such as software methodology, database and web development just to name a few.

It is important to note that programming which for the most part (unfortunately) may not be the favorite course, plays a major role for being a software engineer. It is the core of the being a software engineer. I recommend to get familiar yourself with programming in either Java or C# (or perhaps Python) whichever you are comfortable with. If you happen to start liking programming courses (in C# or Java) you will soon discover why and how it is considered as the foundation for software engineering.

Programming and math have a distinct relationship with each other. It is safe to expect three math courses including discrete and linear algebra to prepare you for the logical side of being an effective programmer.

Now let your inner geeky, nerdy self out and let’s start coding. Shall we?