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Importance of communicating with your professors

Picture of a professor with students
Most students study hard to get the best possible grades but they forget the importance of guidance. For an instance if you are searching for a path you will surely land to the destination sooner or later but if you use navigation services then you’ll reach to the destination in less time with less effort.

So professors are like navigators but students often do not ask for the help due to shyness or inferiority complex.

If you have a silly question in your mind for which you are shy to ask in class then you can always e-mail that query to the professors and also let him/her know that since you thought it was a silly question so thought it wise to ask him/her by e-mail. I am sure none of the questions students ask are silly. Students think that questions are silly but actually they are very intelligent questions and the professors of our college are very much student friendly and are always quick to reply.

Some students who are getting “A grades” feel that they don’t need to communicate since they are doing better than others. But that’s when I would say you should communicate and ask the professor on ways to improve. Since they have studied, they have much more experience than students so they can guide you the method of learning.

For an instance, I was getting A in one subject and after the guidance of my professor. I came to know that only reading won’t help because the subject includes minute details so a regular revision can only help to increase the grades. This was told to many students since many got an “A” but none got an “A+”. Then the professor had kept extra lecture to make students understand the “kind of study method for that particular subject” which helped most of us and boosted our grades.