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Meet Alyssa

Picture of a courtroom lab

Meet Alyssa

Hello Readers! As you might be able to tell by the title of this blog, my name is Alyssa. I’m new to this blogging website, so yes, hope you guys enjoy what I have to write about  Anyway, here’s a little bit about me…. 

 I’m in the Law Clerk program at Centennial College over at Progress Campus. And, I kind of really love every minute of it. Which by the way, even I have to admit is a bit odd for me since I’ve never really pictured myself doing something this serious with my life. But hey, you learn something new about yourself every day, right? One thing that other people have told me about my personality is that I’m always smiling. No matter who the person is, I’d always greet them with a smile and it could possibly make them feel better about their day.  On days when I have my 3-4 hour breaks, one would probably find me either in the cafeteria - since I’m totally feeling the new upgrade – OR on the 3rd Floor of the L Building, usually by myself or with other classmates studying for a test or doing an assignment. 

So, if you recognize me, don’t hesitate to say ‘Hi!’