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The Benefits of Watching the News

Picture of behind-the-scenes look inside the recording studio for Broadcasting and Film, with students in the control room and a student on film is shown on multiple TV screens

Hello Scholars!

The time has come my friends, exams are looming like that iceberg that sunk the titanic. Our deaths are imminent but if we get a lifeboat (study like mad men) we should survive this brutal affair. And that was my metaphor of this post; persist in rolling your eyes so I can continue. I’m a journalism student, as you’re well aware, unless you’re reading this blog and have no idea who I am. Hello, my name is Stephanie; I like Harry Potter and fantasize about working for Vogue. So, as I was saying I’m a journalism student so I feel its my civil duty to speak about the news.  The news my darlings may seem dull, but it’s quite insightful if you want to think outside your personal bubble. The news provides for water-cooler discussions to break horrible silences. And most importantly, the news nips that issue of ignorance in the bud. It’s really quite simple, watch the news and things should go swimmingly for you. That was unintentional.

Sometimes people tend to think the world revolves around them, and spend their days frolicking about only concerning themselves with shallow issues. Such as getting the latest Vogue, and rereading Tales of the Beetle and the Bard. But those people, dear scholars need to get their heads out of water. The news is great in that it puts other thoughts in your head, thoughts that might be more interesting than horoscope or Jimmy Choo.  The other day for instance, I was thinking about how Wynne’s grant may improve the Jazz festival this summer. Frankly, I’m excited to attend in general, as it’s a tasteful event. The news really gets those cobwebs out of your mind, and fills it with important / interesting issues.  So stow away that makeup guide/motorcycle magazine and turn up CBC.

The term water-cooler discussion is a term that was introduced to me earlier this semester. I was sitting in class, minding my own business with Vogue when my teacher asked us to define the concept of water-cooler conversation. My first thought was a cheeky one; in the form of I drink the fizzy sort only, thanks. But my teacher explained, water-cooler topics are issues that incite conversation concerning current affairs. Also, water-cooler topics have concept to them, or they’re just really interesting.  Watching the news will provide you with those water-cooler topics. So one day, when your doing the 9-5 thing and you get up to fill your water-bottle you can spark up a conversation with another about a current issue in the news.

So many of us aren’t aware of what’s going on in the world, they’re just concerned with their day-to-day schedules. That, my dear scholars, is a sad truth, which is why you lovely people need to start watching the news. Even if you don’t have time to tune in, pick up a Toronto Star and read the front lines. Be aware of your world, it’s a big one and you’re not the center. I’m not going to lie, I find the task tedious at times but I do it anyways. I would rather be bored silly than ignorant.

Please read the news, be aware of your surroundings and be interesting!

This is me, trying to persuade you to be amazing, until my next post.