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My Favourite Classroom Experience Has Been...

Picture of two Broadcasting and Film students wearing headsets and standing in front of microphones in a sound-proof room in the recording studio at the Story Arts Centre

I missed you all during my short-absence. Now that I think about it, touching on the topic of the semester ending makes think of all my classroom experiences to date. A lot were quite memorable to me.  

Meeting my classmates and professors for thefirst time, as well as learning the technical aspects of photography was pretty cool. However, my favourite experiences for me were the radio studio classes in Newspaper Reporting 1 in my first semester. I liked it so much because it was so interesting and new to me. I enjoyed learning how to use the radio board and crafting my voice on the microphone so the broadcasts would come out clear and professional.

I had a good time with my classmates in those sessions, and it felt good to gain a skill that would aid my dream to work in audio-related media; whether it was voice overs for commercials, voice acting or being a talk show host, I loved them all. And yes curious ones, I have the “golden voice” suited for the job, or so I’ve been told….

Well that’s my experience guys, what’s yours?Let me know in a comment if you like. Till next time, see ya!

-Michael Johnson