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Why I chose Education

Picture of three female journalism students having a discussion in their class.

Hello Scholars!

It’s crunch time, and that means end of year projects, exams, and stressful trips to the library.  But have no fear; you can do this because I say so.  You survived this brutal semester, with its group projects and insane midterms. These next two weeks will be nothing in comparison. Remember the reason you’re here, to get an education and these exams are only testing your resolve. I know why I’m here; I choose education because it’s smart choice. I choose education because the society we live in demands it. I choose education because I believe it will help me realize my dream.

I work at a coffee shop, and there was a year where I took a sabbatical from school. I opened every day, meaning I had to get up at 4.a.m. from Monday through Friday. In that time period, I realized this would be my life unless I went back to school. It was great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not my career, nor will it ever be. That year opened my eyes, in that every day I make a choice and I had to start making smarter ones. 

I’m a Journalism student, I go to classes every day and encounter professionals in my field that influence/tell me education is necessary in our society. If you want to make something of yourself, you’re going to need school regardless of your beliefs.  It’s getting to a point where education isn’t just enough anymore -you need more. So many of my friends are going for the masters ‘degree because they want to ensure they’ll make it. People will not take you seriously unless you have an education, nor I fear will you make it very far without one.  I choose education, because I choose to be taken seriously, and be contended with.

There’s this YouTube video I watched awhile back, concerning how school isn’t necessary to give you greatness. Nothing gives you greatness, without your belief it will scholars. I personally believe in education, in that it will help me realize my dream.  My dream for the record is to be a journalist, and to work for Vogue one day. I believe Centennial College will help me do that.  I choose education, because I believe in it.

You’re here too, so you must relate with me on one level.

By Stephanie Backus