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Centennial College Helps Keep Toronto Clean

Picture of Centennial College students participating in Clean Toronto Together.

With spring around the corner, Centennial College staff and students went outside to pick up litter from our campus properties, joining the city-wide program called Clean Toronto Together. The annual spring cleanup brings together thousands of Toronto residents, businesses, organizations and students to keep the city clean and green.

Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training student Alex Keillor explained the value of participating. “The program is important for Centennial because it bring everyone together,” said Alex. “It’s great to see how many staff and students care about the college and the city.”

Centennial asked students to come to any one of the campus locations on April 17 to join in the 2014 clean up. This included the opportunity for participants to win a variety of prizes.

Although the campaign continues to take place during Earth Week from April 16 to 22, students and staff are encouraged to keep the area around our campuses clean throughout the year. What better day to start than today: Earth Day! Here are some great tips on ways to keep your campus clean and green:

  1. Set a good example for others and don’t litter. There are trashcans around the campus for a reason.
  2. Pick up the trash if you see it and throw it in the appropriate bin. It takes a second, but can save the earth in the long run.
  3. Recycle instead of always throwing things in the garbage. Recycling is an excellent way of saving energy and conserving the environment.
  4. Encourage others by words and actions to behave in a similar manner. Lead by example and others will follow.
  5. Show your Centennial pride. When we keep our grounds clean, people can see that Centennial is a great place to study, teach and work.

“The united spirit around Centennial is great,” said Alex. “I hope this program motivates others to continue keeping the college clean.”

By Resham Karfa