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Steps to Becoming Socially Savvy

Picture of students relaxing in residence

Students - are you starting your journey at Centennial College for the first time this Fall? Afraid that making friends isn’t going to be easy for you? Making new friends can be quite an intimidating experience, especially if you don’t know anyone from the get-go. So if you want to make new friends along the way instead of sitting at home and watching TV by yourself moving forward, here are a few steps we recommend you follow to becoming socially savvy instead of sadly silent.

Be Social

Joining a student club is the most effective way to becoming social and meeting new people with the same interests and hobbies as you. Check out Centennial College Student Association Incorporated (CCSAI)’s club section where you can find a club to fit any interest. Don’t see a club that interests you? At Centennial College you can even start your own club! Starting a club is as easy as visiting your nearest CCSAI office and requesting a Club package. It will answer any questions you may have while giving you the resources to get the ball rolling. For those of you rolling your eyes instead thinking ‘yeah right’, just join a club for now if starting one seems too tough. Don’t be afraid to go by yourself. People who join a club are there to be social, not to be silent.

Be Fit

For those of you looking for an activity with little less of a conceptual impact and more of a corporeal impact, there are many fitness classes including Yoga, Pilates and Zumba. Sports are a great way to meet people because you all have a common goal. Centennial's Athletics and Recreation department offers opportunities for students to participate in extramural and intramural sports, fitness opportunities and facilities, and activities such as ski trips, rock climbing and beach volleyball. For more information on teams, schedules and facilities, visit the Centennial Athletics and Recreation website.

Be Intelligent

Many of you have all of your classes selected, most of which are related to your program. Something intelligent to do to becoming socially savvy is to take advantage of the variety of courses outside of your comfort zone offered at Centennial College. Instead of sticking to your program’s courses, take an elective, which is a great way to make new friends. If you are interested in music, try taking a music production course. If you have a passion for art, take an art class. If you are interested in cooking, take a food preparation course. You can also pick classes that are more socially-oriented. Classes with a lot of discussion and group work, along with coursework that requires interacting with new people may help.

Be Social Media Savvy

Social media has exploded over the last decade. It is the social interaction among people in which you can create, share or exchange information and ideas of the same interest. There are many social media channels Centennial is connected with in which you can participate to becoming socially savvy. Sign up on Centennial College’s Facebook page or join Centennial’s Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+ channels. The most effective one though, is signing up for Twitter. You can communicate with others in real-time as often as you like.

Be Friendly

At the end of the day, be as pleasant as you can. If you want to make friends, it is important for you be approachable. Smile, talk and open doors. If you are on the bus, let the student with the broken ankle take your seat. If you see a classmate struggling, offer to help them with their homework. Being nice to others seems to be overlooked by many. A lot of you don’t realize that just by looking up, you are way more sociable than those who do not.

By Resham Karfa