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The importance of staying organized

Female Journalism student crouches down to flip a newspaper, as she holds her pen and notebook, during a class at the School of Communications, Media and Design

Organization is the glue that keeps our lives together. Even without realizing it, you are practicing it on a daily basis. Just think about it. As a young child, you had to learn to organize the basics such as reserving your bodily functions for the washroom or putting your toys away neatly. Over time we all had to allow our lives to be segmented into schedules. Waking up on time to go to school, doing your homework or simply setting time aside for leisure; it’s all a part of living within a society. Yes, whether you’re spontaneous and laidback or a minute miser of OCD proportions, you gotta admit, organization is vital.

There are so many reasons why this is true. For one thing, it allows for better time management. Look at this scenario: say you spend roughly 30 seconds every hour looking for a piece of paper to help you get some of your schoolwork done. If you calculate that out per day you would be wasting 12 minutes. Now, 12 minutes is not a lot now, but if you figure this out per year then you would be wasting 73 hours. That is more than 3 days wasted just looking for a piece of paper. Ain’t nobody got time for that! With proper organization, we can lessen those kinds of unnecessary nuisances.

Your future, goals and general health will benefit when you arrange them in a concise manner. This involves such practices as planning the details of your career and how to achieve it on a day to day basis. When you apply this ideology to other areas in your life such as school and household chores, your life becomes so much easier, more vivid and equipped with a purpose.