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The Importance of Reading and Writing daily

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Hey scholars!

Well were already into second semester, and I can already feel the anxiety building. For those of you who don't know- I'm a Journalism student and in Ted Barris's class. It's integral to my academic success to read the news, and write daily because Barris will call me out on it if I don't. Keep in mind though, I read the news despite my blatant intimidation , I'm aware of the world because I refuse to be ignorant. I write daily despite being reprimanded to do so, I journal because I refuse to dishonour myself. You could be a Journalism student, or a Paralegal student etc but the merits of reading and writing daily are beyond this blogs capability. But I'll do what I can to educate you.

 Reading is a skill we learn from birth, even before if your mother read to her stomach the way my crazy one did. To read is to delve into distant lands, and soar through kaleidoscope skies- to read is to live. I remember as a child picking up my Harry Potter book, and trading reality for a trip to diagon alley. I recall drifting to the kitchen, and picking up the Toronto Star to become aware of current affairs. Reading strengthens and inspires our minds, it encourages us to become who we are. In this world, many of us have addictions and I highly recommend reading to be yours. To this day when I'm feeling sad/ alone I pick up Jane Austen and allow myself to be swept away into yonder times. Read.

 Writing is a skill we hone all our lives- it's something we use to communicate our thoughts, or organize our emotions. Take it from me- if I didn't write I would go crazy not being able to organize myself. I have an agenda which is basically my universe -I'd be lost without it. Writing however is not just good for organization, it's good to flex your creativity through. As a child I often kept a Journal where I'd write down everything I found puzzling. I was a very meticulous child, so my journals were colour coded with my puzzling findings and conclusions. I also wrote stories, and novels which my father endured when I'd read them to him. Far be it for me to say- but I gather my writing has improved because he reads my blog posts with pride. Writing is something very personal, and like your childhood- progresses and grows over time. Write.

 On a side note, I highly respect Ted Barris- if not for his tenacity but for his attention to details. I prefer order and structure in my life, and reading and writing make up that order.My darling scholars, I implore you to read and write because it will not only get you far in life but it will further your dreams.

 On that note,
 I need a new dream journal.