While our campuses remained closed to most students/staff, many services and supports are offered online via our COVID-19 Information Centre.

Words of Advice

Female Journalism student crouches down to flip a newspaper, as she holds her pen and notebook, during a class at the School of Communications, Media and Design

Hello, my fellow Journalism students!

Our field of study is quite an eclectic mix that spans all areas. As a budding journalist you are required to at least have basic knowledge in all mediums so you can have a good understanding of the story you are covering.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through research.
Websites such as Storify, Twitter and Facebook are excellent ways to gather information to complete a newscast or article.

Another essential element to work on is perfecting your writing skills. Proper use of grammar and spelling is essential.

In addition, you should keep in mind the correct writing techniques for both radio and print; practice them as frequently and diligently when you can.

Lastly, look ahead and decide on what companies you want to work for and the area of journalism that you want to target. Different media houses have varying styles and culture that they abide by and it’s always good to learn them.

As the new semester comes closer upon us, I wish you good luck in your courses, keep sharp and stay focused!