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A guide to making friends in college

Two female culinary students look at the camera as they work on some vegetables and a liquid mixture

It’s not an interview or an interrogation. Making friends in college is about socializing with your peers and having a sense of belonging. But how do you go about making friends, especially when you start with none? Well, you have to be sociable, of course --- which means that you have to be friendly and good-natured. Being funny wouldn’t hurt your chances either. Aside from your attributes, you will need to work harder to find other people --- attend school events, participate in sports, competitions, and clubs, and don’t go home straight after your classes!

Centennial College hosts a series of fun activities and events, suitable for every student, such as family events, concerts, stand-up comedy, BBQs, and out-of-town trips. It also has a long list of clubs and student groups for you to join. However, it might be intimidating for you in the beginning, so here are ways to reach out to your fellow Centennial peers:

Find similarities with classmates
Your classroom buddies are one of your first contacts in college. They likely have the same classes with you, so get to know them. Start the conversation by comparing your timetables or by asking about the lecture.

You can and should make friends outside of your classroom. Your peers from other studies can help open your way of seeing things. Some ways of how you can meet other people is by joining student groups, such as a club and a sports team. Choose an activity that you enjoy and you will find others who have the same interests.

Get a part-time job in Centennial
Making friends can be a lot of work, literally. Many people, especially those in the real world, find friends from their workplace. Centennial offers plenty of part-time and casual jobs that are flexible with a student’s needs, so go out there, earn some money, and make some friends.

Centennial College has various volunteer opportunities for students, whether they are a one-day event or a semester-long commitment. Choose a volunteer activity that you would like to participate in and find others who are interested in the same cause.