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How to beat the winter blues

Maybe it’s the dreary weather or the lack of excitement in the post-holiday season or even the exhaustion after the busy and stressful festivities in yesteryear. You feel physically and mentally drained and in need of some cheering. Don’t let the winter blues get you down.  You have to keep yourself active and do the things you enjoy. A good way to kick this off is by creating some goals --- don’t you feel excited when you’re looking forward to something good? Listed below are some ideas on what you can try this year.

Give and receive
Although the gift-giving season is over, it’s never too late to start helping out. Volunteers are always needed around Toronto, and you can find some seasonal and long-term positions here at Centennial. Students of all disciplines are invited to join Centennial’s fundraising campaigns, posted under News and Events in myCentennial. There are also specific volunteer needs around campus so check Centennial’s website and social media for updates! Volunteering can make you feel good and be a rewarding experience, including forging new friendships, learning new skills, and receiving tokens of appreciation.

Exercise and eat healthy
This tops the list for many people in the New Year. Scientifically, exercise helps produce “happy” hormones which would give you more energy and make you feel, well, happy! Eating well goes hand in hand with exercise, and your body will feel refreshed after getting all the nutrients it needs. Start this goal by heading over to the Athletics and Wellness Centre at Progress campus.

Shop but not before you drop
Ah, retail therapy. While some of you might have overdosed on shopping during the holidays, it can still be a fun and relaxing activity to some of you. Just make sure you are aware of your budget and that you are indeed enjoying your time shopping. Malls too big and busy for you? Try attending the Eco Depot --- a hassle-free shopping experience right here at Centennial. Spring is here before you know it and it’s convocation! Grab a business attire for your job interview for free!

Get in shape --- LeaderShape!
It’s not a new exercise regime but it is an exercise to nurture social change agents. Participate in the Centennial LeaderShape® Institute, a one-week conference during spring break, and meet new friends and do something that can make a positive change in the world. Here’s something to look forward to in a couple of months and you have to work your way through it too, because you need to have good academic standings to get in!