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English Worries? No Worries!!

Three female ESL students look up, possibly to the professor, during the  English as a second language class

Centennial College, over the years, has assumed the position of being one of the premiere colleges in Canada.  Numerous students decide to pursue their future studies at this college and ensure a bright future for themselves.  A large chunk of these students comes from regions where English does not happen to be the first language.  So, does this mean that they come here, and find themselves lost amidst people who primarily speak English?  Many international students might find it extremely challenging to cope up with the requirements and the rigours of the course, especially when English is not their first language; however, Centennial does its best to ensure that such English language impediments are efficiently dealt with

Here’s what you can do as a Centennial student to bid adieu to all your English language woes:

All registered full time and part time Centennial students can approach Centre for Academic English where they can avail free English tutoring and workshops.  All tutors, with the centre, are professionally trained, and are certified either by TESL, Ontario or TESL, Canada.  The tutors, via their experience, ensure that an ideal mix of one-on-one tutoring, group conversations and small group academic workshops are arranged.  Interestingly, all these facilities are made available to the students absolutely free of cost.

The other great way to upgrade one’s English language skills is by availing a certificate programme.  Known as the ‘English for Academic Purposes Programme’, it is meant for those who use English as a second or additional language.  The programme emphasizes on speaking, listening, writing, reading and college study skills.  The students’ language skills are diagnosed, and on the basis of that they are placed in one of the three levels: Basic, Intermediate or Pre-College.  This ensures that they are in the group that seamlessly fits their skills and aptitude.

professors.  All the professors, at Centennial College, are empathetic and are willing to assist the students in any way possible.  Hence, if the students are facing any issues, they can speak with their professors and gain some valuable insights through the same.

In short, English is certainly a problem that many international students face.  With Centennial College, though, there are various steps that the students can take to make sure that their English language never impedes their way to success.