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My Second Semester Goals

Students studying at the pickering site

Hey Scholars! 

I’m not sure about you but those 3 weeks blew by, and school once again is in session. I’m happy to announce I got 4 O’s for outstanding ( that’s nerd for I got a stellar GPA). I’m the type of girl who sets the bar high, and so I have goals I hope to accomplish-scoring 5 more O’s being one. My first goal is of course to aim for perfect on every assignment/exam. My second, is to actually form a peer study group-which I didn’t do last semester. My third goal is to adopt another extra-curricular beside’s blogging. Each of these goals are within reason, they’re not far fetched-but realistic. If your rolling your eyes, you clearly haven’t been reading my posts and don’t know how OCD I am.

 The first goal may seem unrealistic to you-but its more than doable. For me, school is my first priority. I’m past the stage of skipping class, or being tardy – I’m here for the gold. And if I can do it I believe anyone can, don’t just aim to pass an assignment-nail it to the ground. When getting an assignment, write it down in your agenda ASAP and start on it. Give yourself enough time to research, lets say a week and then start writing. Please note, I’m a Journalism student so my assignments are research-interview-write most of the time. My process is I research everything before staging an interview, thus I’m prepared. After I interview I start writing, and have at least 4 drafts before showing it to my editor. If you plan, and strategize and organize for your assignment, you’ve earned that A. I believe in you, you can do it.

 My second goal is to form a peer study group. Last semester, during exams I was in over my head studying. I had to maneuver my friends into studying Canadian Economics with me-my friends who graduated Uni years ago. They helped me, but it would’ve been better to study with peers who sat in on lectures with me. Having a peer study group is a must-it helps you understand course content better. I find that when you discuss concepts out-loud it makes you understand theories, almost as if you’re seeing them as opposed to reading them. When studying with peers you’re in turn helping them understand-it’s a win-win. Also, make sure to take notes as you study so that when your home later you can go over what’s now clear. I definitely recommend peer study groups.

 My third goal is to participate in an extra-curricular activity. School is great, but you should be mindful of what contributes to its fiber. Centennial offers a wide range of activities for students such as: sports teams, participation on Newspapers/Magazines, peer tutoring. I would like to obviously volunteer for a Magazine/Newspaper, but a good friend of mine is on the soccer team. She’s quite sporty and love’s it, and is able to handle both school coursework and soccer practice. Having an extra-curricular on your resume is a great asset, but to have one in general is humbling. Centennial is a great school; I highly advise you take advantage of what it has to offer.

My goals may seem absurd, or stellar depending on your perspective but I have them-and I intend to see them through. Having goals is one way to navigate through this next semester, its gets you pumped and moving –almost as if you’re training for something. These are my goals, and I already feel the adrenaline because I’m a nerd like that, or I’m just driven.