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My favourite places to chill in the Story Centre Arts campus

Story Arts Centre, formely known as Centre for Creative Communications exterior shot with bicycle and rack.

It has been a full semester and a couple of weeks since I enrolled at the Story Centre Arts campus. I made great and interesting friends and learned quite a lot. During this period it has become like a second home to me. During my free time when I didn’t have work, I naturally assimilated to my home campus. Throughout the days I would explore its inner sanctum and enjoy the use of its facilities depending on what I’m in the mood for. One such location is the Campus library. This quiet haven has been a God send when I needed some time alone to study or simply surf the net. The staff there are very hardworking and helpful when you need it. There are even a couple of sponge beds for you to take a nap if you get the case of the z’s.

Another great place is the cafeteria. It serves not only as a major social hub for me but the school in its entirety. I have had quite a few laughs with my friends while I had my meals. Lastly, I like to hang out at the seats near to the front entrance of the school. I see it as a good pit stop when I come in early in the mornings. Everyone has to find there centre of solitude, wherever you are, especially when your going to be there for a long period of time. Till next time, stay chill!