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My Ideal Summer Internship

A Journalism student is doing research at her workstation

Hey scholars!

Second semester is in full bloom- and I wish there were actually flowers outside because the snow is driving me insane. I'm not sure about you but my mind is already racing ahead to clear skies and summer internships. I'm only in my first year but darlings I have ambition coming out of my ears , and so my ideal summer internship is working for Vogue. First, unless you don't already know I'm a Journalism student so I want to be a writer- or copy editor if I can work some magic. I know Vogue is a long-shot but anything is doable if you have ambition, endurance and connections. I believe you can do , do you.

Ambition is something we all have within us, it's that fuel that keeps us going and getting those A's. Ambition equates to wanting something so bad, you'll try your hardest to make it happen. You need ambition to propel you towards that summer internship. My ambition for instance is my need/drive to be the best I can be. I owe it to myself to reach the moon-not land among the stars because I believe my future is ambient. Use that ambition and you can go places, you can intern wherever you have your heart set on. I believe in you.

 Endurance is something you need to keep going. Your an academic like me , you KNOW rejection is in the cards, it's inevitable-everybody faces it. But you know what , rejection makes you stronger , it builds character. When you apply for a job or internship and you get rejected for whatever reason, use that emotion like you would surf a wave and get over it. You need endurance to get you over the bumps, for my darlings the path to the moon is difficult. But you can do it, because your golden and will realize your dreams. I believe in you.

 Networking is something you need to get you that placement. The Dean of CCC visited my Reporting class and told us: " you could be the best writers out there , but without connections you won't get anywhere". It's true - you need to network, start right now because without connections your dream internship won't live, it'll remain far away. I have networked, in that I have Linkedin and Facebook. I just conducted an interview today for an assignment, so now I have 2 more connections. You need to network to realize your dreams, start right now. I believe in you.

 Believe in yourself , and you can do whatever you set your mind to.
 Good luck my darling scholars.