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Meet Allison Woods, Recreation and Leisure Services Graduate

Picture of Centennial College graduate, Allison Woods.

Meet Allison Woods. Allison graduated from Centennial College with a diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services this year from the School of Community and Health Studies. Learning about the rank of the program at Centennial compared to other colleges in Ontario, Alison began her studies and has made it all the way. She applied for jobs while studying and received two while still in school. She is proud to be a Centennial College graduate and has tremendous appreciation for her professors.

Why did you choose to go to Centennial College?

For my program, Centennial was rated the highest so I wanted to make sure my education was beneficial for my career.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Thanks to Centennial College, working in my field in long-term care.

Why is Centennial a good place to come? How did going to Centennial help you find a job or a placement?

I got employed six weeks before graduation. In my program we get encouraged to start applying beforehand and we get prepared for our careers while still in school. While studying, I put out a bunch of applications and I received two callbacks, two interviews and received both jobs.

What is the number one thing to take away from your time at Centennial? How did that help shape who you are now?

I've never had such amazing teachers. The professors in my program were the most hands-on professors. They were very involved with each student's particular path. I found that they were very good at adapting to each student’s personal goals at Centennial which helped me immensely. I’m busy with my family but made it all the way thanks to that.

By Resham Karfa