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How to make friends in College

A group of happy students at orientation

Having friends is one of the most essential parts to the college social experience. They are the individuals that you will be surrounded by for the next couple of years, and can indeed play a part in your overall enjoyment while being there. Whether your a first year student fresh from high school or someone who has been around the block concerning the college scene, meeting new people can be a little daunting at first. Have no worries Centennial citizens; the process of making friends does occur naturally overtime, however, here are some methods that you can employ as a guide to make things run a lot smoother.

1. Personality is key - The way you convey yourself to others is important to how they gravitate towards you, be pleasant and engaging.

2. Be active in extracurricular activities – Try joining a club or initiative at school that appeals to your
interests. Being around persons that share similar taste, allows the proverbial ice to be broken sooner.

3. Be confident – you think you’re the only one that feels awkward getting to know strangers? Wrong. Most if not everybody feels that way. Don’t be afraid to initiate a conversation or crack a joke with someone; Chances are they wanted to do the same.

Don’t feel beat up if you still haven’t got into the swing of things regarding friendships, everyone has their own speed and approach to things. As the saying goes, Rome was never built in a day; sometimes you got to build your own personal social structure block by block.