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How I get my creative process going

A high-ground view overlooking the open space of the library at the Progress campus, showing study rooms, library bookshelves, computer desks, and the full height of the four-story library and organic wall.

I am a writer on multiple platforms as well as a burgeoning photographer. Mastering these eclectic professions requires a lot of creative thought. This is not always easy. You see my friends; the mind can be a very loathsome and exhaustive thing at times. It can leave you frustrated, distracted and completely stuck in a creative rut. I have been through this so many times that I’m positive that I’ve earned a place in the Guinness book of records somewhere. But no worries, I have found a semi-happy ending to this predicament. I say semi- happy ending because it may not entirely cease your creative block, but it will help to get those innovative thoughts going.

I made it a mission to unplug myself for a select time period in the week. No music, no social media; nothing. Sure, it is a hard task in this techno-savvy era, but it does great wonders. Such technological mediums fuel frequent distractions to your thought process. Try sitting down quietly for a while and let your genius flow. Reading on a daily basis helped for me as well. Being exposed to different perspectives on topics can broaden your mental horizons; you never know when a point from a previous reading comes back to your own personal project. Being a little more spontaneous goes a long way too. Break out of your daily routine, do things you wouldn’t normally do, such as joining a dance class. Be social and active. Talk it out with your friends, and keep busy. 
Lastly there is the popular mode of research. Looking up others who have done similar work can aid in guiding you in the right direction. Stay focused Centennial massive, and happy innovating!