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How to come prepared to class

Child studies practicum in daycare, with plastic baby dolls displayed in the center, facing the window

Hey Scholars!

I just want to point out, midterms are the word around campus-and you know what that means. If you do not know what that means, my darlings, I say bad form because you are not prepared for what’s coming. First off, midterms are horrible yucky tests that make you feel disheveled. However, those unsavory feelings may be averted, if you come prepared to class. The classroom is the first step towards your future, so please come. That lovely Mac book you have propped on your lap is also the second step. The third step is your undivided attention, concentrate and you will win GOLD #WeAreWinter.
School is a place of learning, you pay thousands of dollars to be here so my question is why aren’t you. Centennial College is a great place, so my darlings, in order to become the scholars I know you are come to class. The classroom is the foundation of everything. I know you have misgivings, what with wanting to sleep in, and drink Starbucks all day, but really? If you come to class, you get to learn neat stuff. For instance, I just learned how to use Photoshop a normal looking girl into looking like Britney Spears. I can now use that skill to possibly score a summer internship/job or perhaps pass an upcoming midterm. If you don’t come to class, you miss out, and not just on education but life.
When your sitting in class with the rest of your peers, and your professor is explaining what an inverted triangle is he can tell when your not paying attention. It’s usually obvious by the vacant look in your eye, or the Mac in front of you instead of the chalkboard. You are here for you, not for anyone else, so pay attention and listen to this stuff as it may rule your career. I say this, because inverted triangles are the stuff of my nightmares and I’m still struggling to grasp it. To shed some light, an inverted triangle is a format used to write hard news stories. So, to get back to my point, listen and comprehend this stuff because when the going gets tough your grades will suffer. I believe you can do this; the trick to being prepared to class is solved through you.