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My Ideal co-op placement

Picture of a female Fine Arts Studio student creates a model out of clay at the studio in the School of Communications, Media and Design

Ah, the coop experience. The ever so essential entity that provides the building block of our burgeoning careers. It provides us with that badge of experience that most if not all business require. For me, it is that pivotal period that will allow me to sharpen the skills I gained to the highest level. To be out there in the actual field performing tasks in an actual manner, as opposed to learning about it in the classroom excites me. I am not 100% on where I would love to do my coop experience, but one of my leading choices is G 98.7fm.

The radio station, brought to fruition by the founder Fitzroy Gordon marked a major point of history in Toronto, as the first real radio station to cater to individuals within the black diaspora. Gordon, who faced many challenges during his admirable tenure, including being denied by the CTRC for a license on one occasion, never gave up. Today it is one of the hottest stations in the GTA and is supported by thousands of dedicated viewers. I am proud of his achievement and it would be a pleasure to be a part of the movement. As a man who hails from Jamaica, I am confident my style would work well with the Caribbean flavor that it consists of. After all, it’s just “the way we groove”.