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The Importance of Extra-curricula's

Picture of three female Centennial College badminton players looking surprised as they enter the gymnasium.

Hey Scholars!
I cannot believe we’re already halfway done the semester, time really flies! However, as I sit here writing this it’s snowing yet again, making it feel like it’s still January. Nevertheless, my point is, the semester is at its prime, and now is the time to join that club you’ve been saying you’d look into. Extra curricula’s are the things that make school fun, trust me. They also provide for a great college experience, by allowing you to interact with your peers more. They open up doors for you after graduation, or even between semesters in the form of experience. Please believe me when I say:  they are truly beneficial,  but allow me to elaborate.
When you think of extra-curricula’s math club probably comes to mind, but there’s also the soccer team, lacrosse or student government. You can choose any or all Centennial has to offer, and I assure you they are exceptional. In addition, all these associations are fun. I’m on the school magazine for instance, and I have fun doing it. It directly appeals to me, because I envision myself writing for a magazine one day so I see this as practice, and its great. One of my good friends is on the soccer team, and she loves it. Join a team/club that appeals to you and I assure you it’ll be amazing.
School is a social structure that sometimes makes it hard to interact with others. Yes, you go to class and have class projects but finding things in common outright is hard. When you’re in a club, you meet like-minded people and it helps bridge friendship. Extra-curricula’s also provide you with a well-rounded college experience, yes work hard but find time to enjoy your experience. Centennial offers a colourful array of options for you, so think about what interests you and that will lead to you a brighter experience.
Being on the school magazine equips me with skills I can utilize in the summer. After I’m done for the year, I can utilize those skills and apply to jobs and internships with more rigor. If you’re perhaps on a fitness team, you can lead summer classes at local studios. If you’re on a debate squad, or school government you can apply to city counsel for summer internships. The possibilities are endless, and Centennial is here to give you a boost with it’s extra-curricula’s. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I love extra-curricula’s; being on Freshly Pressed adds some zest to this bleak semester.

My advice dear scholars, is to be proactive and join that club because you never know where it will lead.