While our campuses remained closed to most students/staff, many services and supports are offered online via our COVID-19 Information Centre.

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Experience college life before entering it

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Although you can read about colleges on their websites, there is nothing like visiting one yourself and taking a closer look at what’s in store for your future. Centennial gives a full tour of the campuses and more. CONNECT with Centennial is the open house that the college hosts three times a year, before the start of a new semester. Explore, learn, and connect.

College applicants, whether they confirmed enrollment at Centennial or not, should attend CONNECT with Centennial. Learning more about the college will help in the decision-making for potential students and will help familiarize everyone with the programs, services, and facilities. Family and friends of the college applicants are welcome to join them at Progress, Morningside, Ashtonbee, and Story Arts Centre campuses.

During the open house, guests can explore the campus or take a campus tour, discovering classrooms, modern lab facilities, and services that enhances student learning. Program information sessions are available to inform students about their particular field of studies. Furthermore, a Service Fair takes place in a central space at each campus, where students can speak with the representatives from a variety of student services.

CONNECT with Centennial is a great event to learn more about Centennial through professors, staff, and current students who are on-site to answer your questions. Furthermore, it is a good start to befriend your peers, who you may be attending the same classes together. The winter 2014 open house is today, March 23 at 1pm at all campuses. Check out one of our campuses or all four, and enter for your chance to win $2,000 for your first year’s tuition.

See where the experience takes you at Centennial College.