While our campuses remained closed to most students/staff, many services and supports are offered online via our COVID-19 Information Centre.

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CCSAI delivers services and extra-curricular activities for the student body

Picture of two female students holding bottles of coloured drinks during a CCSAI event, with a SoftMoc tent in the background


Centennial has a student association and they are actively promoting student well-being and providing them with services that enhance their college experience. The Centennial College Student Association Inc. (CCSAI) has a location at all four campuses, with the Student Centre at Progress campus as its headquarters. It offers various services and holds events to improve student lives and engage them in their college community.

CCSAI services:
•    Health plan: Full-time, domestic students are covered by the health plan initiated by CCSAI, which includes a Blue Cross Health Card that covers 90% of the cost of prescription drugs.
•    Student advocacy: Students can report issues, like grade disputes and harassment, to CCSAI, where they will help you in the process to resolve your issue.
•    Legal advice: Full-time students can seek legal advice free of charge from lawyers. CCSAI arranges appointments with the lawyers at Progress and Ashtonbee campuses.
•    Athletics and Wellness: CCSAI is in charge of the athletics at Centennial, and takes care of the AWC (Athletics and Wellness Centre) at Progress campus.
•    Clubs: Centennial’s clubs are supported by CCSAI who gives them funding and direction in creating a student group.
•    Eco Depot: Shop for your interview clothes and don’t pay a penny. Donations are made to the Eco Depot to provide students with interview and work clothing.
•    Transform the Future: This initiative rewards $100,000 to a proposal that will help enhance student experience.

In addition to the services, CCSAI provides student life. It holds events and activities on campus and off campus that are fun and complimentary to schooling. With convocation approaching, CCSAI arranged photographers for Grad Photos. Other events such as BBQ, talent shows, comedy shows, trips to Niagara, and meeting with Santa are all brought to you by CCSAI.