While our campuses remained closed to most students/staff, many services and supports are offered online via our COVID-19 Information Centre.

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Improve on your English language skills

Picture of the interior of the Library and Academic Facility at the Progress campus, showing students in the learning commons, staircases, long lights, and angled ceiling windows

At least 80 languages are spoken at Centennial’s campuses, making our college unique and beautiful. With English being the main language of communication in school and in Canada, every student must learn to read, speak, and write effectively in English, in order to succeed in their courses and in living in the country. Students can seek advice and help at the Centre for Academic English.

Newcomers, international students, exchange students, and other individuals who want to enhance their English proficiency can use the offerings in the Centre for Academic English. While this is not an ESL (English as a second language) program, this service will supplement in your English learning. The goal is to help students understand their courses become active learners.

The Centre for Academic English offers the following free services:

One on one tutoring
You can book a personal tutor who will guide you in your courses as it relates with your English abilities. Various English-related topics can be discussed, including assignments, but tutors cannot edit your paper to maintain academic integrity.

Let’s Talk
Offered in the library, the Let’s Talk session is a conversation group, making up to seven students who meet and discuss various topics, in order to improve their English speaking abilities. A group leader is present to moderate the conversation.

Grammar workshop
A small group of students learn about grammar in this workshop. They are able to practice writing and speaking in a grammatically correct form.

COMM courses
It is a series of workshops that focuses on course materials.

Pronunciation workshop
This workshop is created to help students improve their pronunciation and speaking abilities in English.

There are other workshops offered to help in writing skills. Past workshops include:
•    Introduction: Learn about plagiarism, how to avoid it, and proper ways to reference other’s work.
•    Paraphrasing Practice paraphrasing sentences and quotes, including how to reference them.
•    In-text Citation Practice adding references from other works into your own piece.
•    APA Style: Learn how to reference using APA style.
•    MLA Style: Learn how to reference using MLA style.

You can check MyCentennial for workshop updates or book a tutor through MyCentennial. Click Academic English on the top of the page and registering for the “Book an English Tutor or English Workshop.” Once logged in, you can book an appointment with our tutors, who are TESL certified, meaning that they are qualified to teach English as a second language.