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Preparing for Convocation: Grad Week

Picture of students attending Grad Week in the gymnasium at Centennial College's Progress campus.


This is the moment many students are waiting for: graduation. Maybe you thought this was a long way to go, but a few years in school can go by quicker than you think. It’s never too early to be prepared, and it’s good to know where you will go after college.

Life after graduation can be more schooling, the real world, or a break. Some students choose to pursue a university degree or additional studies, which leads them back to school. Others want to start on their careers. Meanwhile, others want to travel or have a holiday before committing to the next stage in life. No matter your choices, Centennial wants to prepare you for success.

Students in their last semester are invited to attend Grad Week, an event held at each campus to direct students to services offered by Centennial for its graduates. Just because you are graduating from Centennial does not mean that the college is not going to assist you shape your future.

All students graduating in the June convocation will attend Grad Week celebration on March of that year. Some students end their school year in summer and fall semesters, and they are welcome to join in the event. Each campus holds a pre-graduation party for a few hours throughout the week, where meals, refreshments, and gifts are given to students. Most of all, they are introduced to the Centennial College Alumni Association, who will walk them through their paths leading to and after graduation.

Grad Week is usually held during lunch time at the campuses, and there is an extra session at night at Progress campus to accommodate students unavailable during the day. This year’s graduating class of 2014 will have their Grad Week from March 24-27. Cherish your last moments at Centennial and celebrate this milestone with a toast!