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Travel the world while studying in college

Picture of students seeing where experience takes them in Mexico.


Seeing is believing but experiencing is revolutionary. Many individuals aspire to travel the world one day, to experience many adventures, and find themselves and figure things out. For new high school graduates or anyone interested in going to college soon, they may be torn between taking time off to travel before spending years in school. There’s a solution for that: Centennial College offers global opportunities to its students through the Global Experience Office (GEO).

Enrol to any of Centennial’s full-time programs and become eligible to participate in four global experiences:

GEO Language and Culture Programs

Students will get to travel across Canada and beyond with this program. Within several days or weeks, students are going to be taught a new language, go on trips to cultural and heritage sites, and explore the new area and its surroundings. Various cultural activities await students, some of which are part of the program, and some are the students’ own adventures. The Summer 2014 GEO Language and Culture Programs will send students to Italy, Spain, Finland, Chile, France, Mexico, and Israel.

GEO International Internships

Students can take their co-op work terms and internships to an international scale. Learn on the job, while having the opportunity to explore your new surroundings. GEO offers internships abroad for various programs. Participants get to study their college program, train in their profession, and travel the world. Past internships were held in countries, including Costa Rica, Panama, Finland, Germany, South Korea, India, China, and Ghana. Various students have also participated, including those in software engineering, IT, communications, graphic design, various business programs, and various community programs.

Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experiences (GCELEs)

With ties to Centennial’s Signature Learning Experience, GCELEs provide students with unique experiences in helping communities in other countries, while connecting their experience to their studies, and exploring various cultures abroad. Students journey to various locations to help build sustainable programs in promotion of health, education, and other world issues. For example, an upcoming GCELE trip called “Raising the Matriarch: Interprofessional Health” will take students, mainly those in health studies, to Tanzania, East Africa, where they will assist Tanzanian girls and women develop programs that will give them the right education and proper medical care within their communities and hospitals.

GEO Semester Exchange Abroad

Centennial students will get to spend a whole semester in another country, where they will continue their studies at the host country’s colleges and universities. Excitement and challenges arise as students enter a new educational system and meet their peers from other countries. School credits will be transferred to Centennial, so students will not be missing out on a whole semester of studies. On the other hand, Centennial College will open its doors to exchange students, in which GEO will help them transition with GEO mentors.