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I enjoyed my first year semester at Centennial College in the Journalism Program

Centennial College Story Arts Centre journalism lab with female students

My First Semester in Journalism at the Story Arts Campus

Around this time last year, I was constantly checking my inbox for any news on my application. I had received my letter of admission in January so I knew I would get my letter for orientation soon. But lets fast forward a little, past last summer to a chilly December when I finished my first semester.  Take this trip down memory lane with me, through the vortex of semester one. I can promise it won’t disappoint. 

The wheelie chair I sat on was creaky, and the microphone in front of me was centimetres from my face. The ON-AIR signal was blinking, but my eyes were focused on the line’s I would read in 15 seconds.  The radio studio was empty, save for myself and another boy who agreed to help my record my feature.  Through the glass screen the boy lifted up his hand, then pointed and I was off.  It took me 3 run-throughs off my script before I got it right. My feature story assignment was finished, and I could finally relax.  The past couple of weeks had been turmoil; it took me ages to get the quotes I needed to write this radio script.  My interview with my source was perfection, but transcribing said interview was the stuff of nightmares. But I did it, and the quotes I got were golden and fit right into my focus.  It’s been hard writing for radio, especially since I tend to editorialize so much. I had to learn to tone down my writing to get the grades I wanted. I learned that radio writing isn’t like print; it’s to the point using simple language to get your message across. I struggled with that allot at the beginning but I learned fast. This semester really took me by surprise, in that it whirled by. The highlight was when I attended a city council meeting and witnessed our political leaders at play. I say play because they resembled schoolyard children fighting at recess. It was eye opening, and I really found that politics isn’t black and white; it’s shades of grey. There is no good or bad option in politics, only options.  My favorite class by far however was Political Economy of Canada, where my type A personality preened. I really value order and structure, and that class had that in spades. I knew exactly when things were due, how much they were worth, and a course schedule was handed out at the beginning-which we abided by. I learned a lot, I just hoped it will carry me into second semester.