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Top-paying careers with a Centennial Education, Part 2

Picture of Centennial College Computer Systems Technology Networking students

We’re continuing to look at the highest-paying careers for college graduates, as compiled from stats from CBS News, Payscale, and others. Centennial College offers many of these lucrative programs. If you’re a student looking to enter into a high-paying profession, the college can link you to that career, because we actively fine tune our programming to the shifting job market. With that in mind, let’s look at three more rewarding career fields offered at Centennial College.

Computer Science
Average starting salary: $62,900 to $79,100

Technology is the wave of the future, and it’s not just enough to understand how it works. Being able to create hardware and software is an in-demand skill, and companies will pay for someone who makes, rather than someone who simply understands. Centennial offers a few different programs in this field, depending on the area of computer science you wish to specialize in. They include a Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences for Computer and Communication Networks, as well as Fast-Track Co-Ops for Networking, Software Engineering Technology, and Game Programming. A large draw for these programs is the college’s modern laboratories, specially engineered for each curriculum, offering students access to wireless broadband, cellular networks, VoIP, advanced routing and switching gear, and network servers.

Economics and Finance
Average starting salary: $52,200 to $64,400

Handling money is worth money, and a career in accounting, financial planning, or any cash-related aspect of business will put you in demand with employers, particularly if you have the skills to navigate the complicated world of finance. There are too many programs related to the field at Centennial to list here. To see them all, simply follow the “finance” tag on our website.

Average starting salary: $46,800 to 48,500

While it seems like a highly specialized field, Biotechnology and Biochemistry actually open the door to a large selection of workplace environments, including laboratories, hospitals, agriculture, food manufacturing, research facilities, and more. Centennial College has a long list of programs in this field available, each of which features thorough, practical training in a laboratory environment. Available Biotechnology programs include a two-year diploma, a one-year fast-track version, a three-year advanced diploma, a two-year advanced fast-track, and an advanced fast track/co-op combination.

As before, it’s important to note that money should not be the only factor in deciding what career you’re going to enrol in. You need a job that fits your natural skills and talents, because you’ll be both more effective and happier doing it. That happiness is another important factor, as you want your life’s profession to be something worth getting up in the morning for. Nevertheless, life will be easier if you’re getting paid well for your work, and it’s worth looking into something that can benefit your bank account. Ultimately, though, it’s up to you to find the balance between wealth, health, and happiness. Whichever you value, we have a program that fits. 

By Anthony Geremia