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4 Reasons you should look at a Joint College/University Program

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If you’re a student looking to make the transition into the post-secondary world, there’s a wealth of different paths you can take. The downside is that all those options can be confusing, and with post-secondary education being increasingly necessary in the modern world, it can feel like the pressure’s on to make exactly the right choice. There’s a specific difference between college and university education, with one focusing on practical job training and the other focusing on theory and intellect. Which one you choose to attend can and will affect what kind of person you are when those years end.

            Confused? Luckily for you, there’s a way to get the best of both worlds. Here in Ontario, several Colleges and Universities have partnered up to create joint programs. It’s simple, really: You’ll spend some time, usually a couple of years at one school, before finishing your education at the other, getting two sides of a subject, both theoretical and practical. There’s a number of benefits to this approach, but I’ll focus on four in particular:

1) Practical Education is Important….

            Education itself is a noble pursuit, but really, when you’ve finished your schooling, you need a good job to be waiting for you. Colleges are all about practical life skills, the things that can get you hired. A good college will focus less on sitting in lectures, and more on rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. Ideally, your instructors will get you away from your desk, and have you spend time actively doing the thing you’ll hope to get hired for one day. That’s the grand idea behind colleges: A dry run of your actual job, in a safe environment where you’re allowed to make mistakes. On top of that, colleges have a penchant for smaller class sizes, which means that you’ll have teachers that know who you are, and a smaller network of friends, perfect for becoming your first professional contacts in whatever industry you venture into.

2)….But so is the theory

            Let’s not malign the university experience, though, as it offers something equally important: The theory behind the practical. Before you can practice your craft in a safe, college setting, you first have to make sure you know how to do it right. University is all about giving you the intellectual foundation to participate in your career surely and confidently, secure that you’re making the right moves. Not only that, but a good creative foundation can ensure that the work you do comes from a place of thoughtfulness. If, for example, you’re studying how to make media, you need to first learn what to make media about, and that’s where the theory comes in.

3) You’ll get a wider network of professional contacts

            Remember what I said above about college giving you a good starting professional network? Well, being in a joint program involves attending two school, which also gives you access to two different campuses. That’s two campuses worth of people, clubs, student life and opportunities. They say the years spent in post-secondary education are some of the most important ones in your life, and attending two schools will effectively double that life experience.

4) At the end of it, you can get two certifications

            Lastly, there’s a very basic, practical advantage to a joint program. Aside from getting the best of two unique worlds of education, you can finish these programs with credentials from two different schools. At the end of it all, you have the opportunity walk away with both a degree and a diploma, perfect to add to a resume, give you the edge on the competition, and prove to any prospective employer that you understand your chosen career on multiple levels.

            Based out of Ontario, Centennial College is dedicated to fostering a global community, as well as ensuring that its students get a taste of life in the “real world” before graduation even happens. As part of its dedication to ensuring students get the richest education possible, it has several joint programs with partners including Ryerson University and the University of Toronto. Joint programs include nursing, applied microbiology, environmental science and technology, journalism, new media studies and paramedicine. Have a look and get ready to experience the best of two worlds of education, and open twice as many doors.