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New Year's Resolutions: Get Educated

picture of a centennial college continuing education student in class part time

New Year’s resolutions are made with a look towards the future, and whether you’re employed or looking for a job, a resolution to further your education is always a positive goal. But what’s the best way to go about it? More and more working adults are turning to continuing education to beef up their skills and credentials. No longer just a plan for people having issues finding employment, Continuing Education has also become a strategy for working professionals who are looking for career security, or career advancement. Here’s why continuing your education is an excellent resolution this new year.

You may need to keep up in order to keep up

Technology, the economy, business and culture are in a constant state of change, and what you learned in college may need an upgrade, especially if you work in a career that makes use of computers and software. Upgrading your skills will help you stay relevant, and may even be necessary to continue in your career. And even if you don’t need to get more educated, the fact that you’re committed enough to learn and improve yourself will count to your employer. If you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, showing you’re willing to learn new skills and get further certification is an excellent way on its own to show your own drive and determination. Luckily for you, employers know this, too, and that’s why they support having a well-trained workforce.

Your employer will support you

The reason for this support is simple: An educated employee helps a company out, too. It’s not just an employee that benefits from increased education. The business benefits, especially if, once again, it’s a technology-driven business. They’re getting something good out of the deal, so it’s to their advantage. This is the very reason why many companies offer compensation for employees looking to pick up new skills. It’s worth checking if your company does so, too.It doesn’t hurt to ask. And if you’re seriously worried about scheduling school and work, there’s evening, weekend, and even distance learning classes to support your time needs.

Learn for fun, too

You don’t even need to be doing this to advance your standing at work, or make more money. You can also get further education for a hobby, or for fun. Maybe you want to be surrounded by likeminded people, or acquire a skill like car repair, or baking (there’s a huge selection of subjects you can learn). It can help your career, but it doesn’t have to. And with the typical flexible scheduling present in continuing education, it doesn’t negatively impact your work, either.

If you’ve resolved yourself to get educated, 2016 is a perfect time to do so at Centennial College. You can upgrade your career, get a new one, or advance your life in a way that can fit around your schedule. It’s always a good time to register for Centennial’s Continuing Education programs, so advance your life and career soon!

By Anthony Geremia