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Centennial College Connects to its Community

Centennial College students cleaning up garbage in the local community

Centennial College aims to build lifelong relationships with its students, graduates and members of its external communities. Alongside academic development, research and teaching, community outreach is an important part of its goals. To achieve this goal, Centennial looks to strengthen the bonds between employers, associates and students, and continuously ensures an encouraging and effective environment for all connected to the College.

The Community Outreach Office at Centennial provides engagement activities to promote access to post-secondary education for individuals who are usually under-represented in post-secondary education (PSE), with current emphasis on youth from underserved neighbourhoods, Aboriginal persons, and women in non-traditional careers. Centennial's outreach work is secured in developing the relationships with individuals and organizations to create bridges to and support networks within PSE. Activities are planned and implemented in alignment with provincial and municipal objectives relative to each particular group at the College. 

Centennial College is committed to serving its community through the following avenues: Education; Research and Innovation; Career Initiatives; Building Healthy, Safe and Nurturing Communities. Centennial ensures that they provide opportunities for student and employers to network. They develop resources to further help the career growth of alumni and provide an environment that is safe and accessible for both internal and external community members. The College is proud to create a stimulating environment for children and promote learning development, and like to explore and collaborate with businesses and educators in efforts to engage communities by promoting development and research.

The Community Outreach Office involves networks such as the Neighbourhood Action Partnerships; Local Youth Service Provider Networks; Youth Challenge Fund Legacy initiatives; The Community of Practice for Youth Educational Attainment; The Toronto Council of Educators and The Toronto Crown Ward Championship Team. Partnerships are also developed with individual community organizations or services by the office.

In addition, Centennial College connects to its community by engaging students. They have volunteered their time at many of Centennial College's activities and events. Clean Toronto Together was one such event, and Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training student Alex Keillor explained the value of participating. "The program is important for Centennial because it bring everyone together," said Alex. "It's great to see how many staff and students care about the college."

Centennial College is developing a community that is rich in diversity, respect and leadership every day. From their instructors, faculty and staff to their students, the College takes the time to strengthen the ties and connect to its community.