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How college can get you hired

Picture of a student meeting with a Career Services for help with their job search

Education is wonderful on its own, but you’ll want a job when it’s done. Not just a regular job, though, but a satisfying career. One of Centennial College’s goals is to connect you to that career, and to that end, there’s a lot of resources in place for you to take advantage of. These include…

Field Placements

Many programs at the college include field placements at partnering organizations as part of the curriculum, and these are essential stepping stones in getting a job. It’s true that these placements do sometimes hire students when it’s over, but that isn’t a universal rule, and you shouldn’t feel as though you’re going in there to get hired. Placements are mostly there for learning and making connections. You’ll want to form bonds with people in the industry you want to be in. Get to know them, get their emails, and using them as positive references on your resume are some of the steps you can and should be taking. They may hire you down the road, or they may inform you of other opportunities in your industry. Either way, it’s about the experience and the people. If your program doesn’t have a placement, consider volunteering over the summer at an organization in your career field for the same benefits.

Career Events

Even if placements aren’t in the cards for your program, the college itself offers events designed to connect you to employers and teach you how to make that connection. A glance at the page for Career Events on our myCentennial website reveals job fairs, employers visiting campuses and workshops on how to network. The resources are there for you all year ‘round and you just have to seek them out.

Networking with professors

Speaking of resources, part of Centennial College’s mission is to connect students with industry professionals in the form of professors. Our programs are chaired and taught by people with a wealth of experience in the industry. College classes tend to be smaller than hundreds-full university halls, so making a personal connection is not too difficult of a task. Keeping in touch with them has the same benefits as the professionals in your placement. In some programs, your instructors will even email out job postings they’ve heard of long after your graduation.

Networking with each other

Never underestimate the value of your classmates as a job network. You’ll be spending a lot of time with them, and it’s worth the effort to get to know them, particularly since your classes in college shouldn’t be too large. Staying in touch with them, even if only by social media, can benefit your job hunting. Form a network, and share tips and information with each other. If one person hits it big, they may come back for their friends.