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My life at Centennial: Join the club!


College is an important stage in our life as we are in search of a diploma that would help us get a foothold in the industry of our choice. Swamped with assignments, exams and presentations we often forget the fact that college is also about making friends and meeting people. Centennial College has more than fifty clubs that’s been started by students. There are various clubs out here that allow you to meet people who share similar interests. Often, when we feel burdened with classes, clubs provide us with an outlet to let off some steam. An evening with people doing what you love to do is a great way to recharge yourself.

Love reading anime and video games? Join the Anime Guild club and meet people with your interests. Want to build on your entrepreneurial skills? Meet the folks from ENACTUS, an entrepreneur club that gives you a platform to share your ideas and helps you become a student entrepreneur. Want to start your own club? Grab a club package from a CCSAI office in your campus and fill out the package, and get your own club up and running!

Clubs are an integral part of a student community, much like how coffee houses in the olden days acted as a forum for discussing a wide range of topics from literature to politics to science. College clubs bring students together as they discuss and work on topics that they truly care about.

College clubs often make students feel at home when they are away from home. They are of great help to international students who are new to a certain area and want to be a part of the community. Clubs allow you to hone your skills, be it in a game of ping-pong, public speaking or dance, and most importantly it gives you the chance to make new relationships. Making conversation could be an intimidating task for some of us, especially when you are new to a country which you don’t know much about, but imagine how simple it would be if you met someone who had the same hobbies as you?

So, join a club or start one, college isn’t just about grades and tests, it is also about leaving your mark behind by doing what you love to do.

By Anuraag Seshadri