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What Centennial College and its students accomplished in 2016

birds eye view of the Centennial College Progress Campus Soccer Field

Previously, we talked about the good things that happened this year around the world, to balance out all the bad news we keep hearing. Not only were there positive things across the globe, there were great achievements back home at Centennial College, too. Whether it was our students making great things happen, or the school itself helping advance education, charity, and success, a lot went on this year. Here’s a look at a few of the good things.

Student Success

  • We held several Hackathons this year, where tech students had a short amount of time to throw together new technology, putting their skills to the test in a high-stakes situation. Our Hackathons included one hosted by Smokebomb Entertainment, where students had 48 hours  to make a game on the Unity platform, a 36-hour hackathon where students were tasked with creating three software apps, and a healthcare-themed hackathon where students created smartphone apps that served as low-cost healthcare solutions.
  • Finally, when it came to decorating the side of our new Residence and Culinary Arts Centre, we let students do that, too, with a special mural competition to decide the final design.


Helping others

  • Speaking of our students, they stayed Up all Night for mental health, in a special event at the Story Arts Centre.


New initiatives

College milestones

  • The big one that you’ve already probably heard was that 2016 was Centennial College’s 50th anniversary. We first opened our doors in 1966, and spent the year holding special events and celebrations, including our Paint the Town Green community service event.