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Three Secrets to Career Success: It's all about attitude

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Centennial College helps connect its students to jobs, which is why we're launching a special Career Week, starting today across all campuses. Aside from the job fairs and networking opportunities present, we'll also be helping students learn essential skills during a series of special workshops.

Tanya Gokhshteyn works in the College's Career Services & Co-operative Education department, and has a decade of experience in employment and career counselling. She's interested in motivating students to make their career aspirations a reality, which is why she'll be putting on a special "Secrets to Career Success" workshop today, at Progress Campus in the Fireside Gallery. Here are just a few of the tips that she'll be giving attending students about how they can set their minds to advancing their careers.

1. Set your goals early, but don't be afraid to change them up

Tanya stresses the importance of setting your career goals as early as possible, and proactively working to make them happen. But people change, and it takes time to develop skills. Don't assume the career you picked in high school is set in stone. Maybe you'll find that you're better at something else, or now prefer a different career and want to change tracks. While setting goals is important, it's equally important to make your goals flexible and be willing to change your career plans as both yourself and the world around you change. The important part is that you're thinking ahead and being prepared.

2. A positive attitude is key

Tanya's spent years working with students, and has noticed issues with students having low confidence about their future success. The reason confidence is essential is because it affects your hireability. When you're networking, or going to job interviews, your confidence is a deciding factor in getting hired, so being able to project that confidence and developing resilience to challenges and adversity is more important than you think.

3. Your friends can help keep your spirits up

So, if being confident and resilient is the key while job hunting, how do you keep your spirits up? Tanya recommends drawing from your role models, your professional network, and your friends. You're not alone in your attempts to develop your career, and going to the friends and peers around to for support can keep you focused and motivated.

There's other ways to be proactive and positive with your career development, and Tanya will discuss other methods during her workshop at the Progress Campus Fireside Gallery, today at 1:30 PM. Check it out, and check out the rest of the events that'll be happening during Career Week at Centennial College.

By Anthony Geremia

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