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High school students sample transportation careers at Centennial College

Picture of Centennial College School of Transportations Darryl Ormiston teaching high school students about careers in the transportation industry

If you popped the hood of your car right now, could you fix it? For most of you, the answer is no, and if something goes wrong, you'll need to take it to a professional. But if you can learn how to become that professional, you'll be set for a rewarding, lucrative career.

The transportation industry covers more than just fixing cars. There's also trucks, motorcycles and even airplanes. It takes specialized skills to learn how to run these machines, and in a transportation career, you get well-payed for those skills. At the School of Transportation, you can learn how any of these things work, even if you're starting with zero experience, thanks to our labs and facilities that get you up-close and personal with the tools and machines you'll be working on.

The School of Transportation connects high school students to our facilities with our Sampler Days, where we bring you in, show you some simple skills, and tour our facilities. Our most recent Sampler Day, on April 22, saw a group of secondary school students visiting for a two-hour workshop, lunch and campus tour.

First, instructor Kathryn Pratt taught the students how to cut and solder wires to make a test tool that every mechanic needs, a jumper wire. After putting their safety glasses on, the students gathered around for a demonstration, before using the tools in one of the school's labs to make their own. Instructor Darryl Ormiston also travelled around the workshop to help them out, offering advice, as well as discussing potential transportation careers with them. After a free lunch, the students went on a tour of the School of Transportation's labs, and learned about the careers they could be working in.

The Sampler Day is a collaboration between the College and the Toronto District School Board. Peter Bovey is a Student Success Teacher with the TDSB who helped make this field trip happen. He teaches the group of students that came to the workshop.

"They're from nine schools from the west end of Toronto. They come into Humber every morning, and I teach them credit recovery, and a transition course between high school and college, and they do two dual credits at a time," he explains. "This is a trip that allows them to explore trades. It's part of the transition program, and it shows what other colleges have to offer. It's a learning experience for them, they're all in Grade 12, and all potentially graduating."

Many of these Sampler Day workshops happen every year, with three more happening in May, each designed to connect specific groups of students to possible careers. For example, on May 12, one of these events will focus on women in trades and non-traditional careers.

By Anthony Geremia