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What kind of student are you? Here’s how the Hub can help

Student using the computer on the Library at Progress Campus, Centennial College

When Centennial College's new website was launched, a specialized Student Hub was created, too, which you can access at the top of this very page. It's designed to be your one-stop shop for all the information about the school you'd need as a student. More importantly, it's intended to help every possible Centennial student, whether you're new, a graduate, local or international. No matter where you're at in your college career, the Hub has everything that you need. Here are seven different kinds of students and how the hub can help each of them.

You're thinking of becoming a student

If you're on the fence about becoming a part of our student community, you can have a look at the Hub's Awesome new Courses and Programs section. We're constantly updating our education, to keep our older programs relevant, but also to offer new education to keep up with a changing job market. Whenever we create a new program, we'll post it here. Maybe it's something you haven't seen anywhere else and this is your first time reading about it.

Speaking of reading, right at the bottom of the Student Hub is a link to this very blog. It provides you with advice and information about student life, and can teach you more about the school, its courses and programs.

Finally, if you decide to begin your journey at Centennial College, the Hub has a link to myApplication at the top of the page, which you can use to conveniently check the status of your application to Centennial College while you're registering.

You're a new student

If you're going to begin your education at Centennial College soon, the Hub can help you start that education off right, with a link to a section that'll tell you everything you need about our Experience Centennial Orientations, including upcoming dates.

If you head to our Student Support and Resources section, you'll also find a First-Year Experience section, containing guides specifically tailored to you, including a list of college services, a first-year checklist, and a guide to finding your way around each campus.

You can also make sure you have all of the digital tools you need before you get to class, with an easy download link to our Centennial College Mobile app, as well as links right at the top of the Hub to to three essential student services at Centennial College: myCentennial, which you use to pay your fees and register for courses, eCentennial, which lets you look at tools and resources for the specific classes you're taking, and myApplication, which you can still use to check the status of any applications you have with the college.

A bit further down, you'll find a section about your myCard, where you can manage your account and add money to it.

You're an international student

If you're new to Canada, we have a big International section right on the Hub to help you out. The International Students section connects you to all the resources you need, including a guide to life in Canada and in the Canadian classroom, and information on health insurance, immigration and other critical essentials.

You're interested in international experiences

If you're a student who's looking to have an international experience, the International section also has information about our different Global Experience programs, such as Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experience (GCELE), Faculty-Led International Program (FLIP) and International Internship Program.

You're a student with disabilities

Simply scroll down and click on the Centre for Students with Disabilities to learn about how the college will accommodate your needs and eliminate any barriers you might have to success. You can learn about the services the school offers and even make an appointment to make sure those needs are met.

You're a part-time student

If you're too busy with work, family, life, or anything else to take a full course load, you can still get your Centennial College education through part-time learning. For all of the information and resources you need for that, you can click through Student Support and Resources, and head to our Part-Time Students section, where you'll find a guide to all the different programs we can offer you.

You're going to graduate soon

First of all, you can learn about convocation dates and other details right here on the Hub, through our Important Dates section. The Student Support and Resources section once again includes a guide tailored just for you, Graduating Students, which tells you where to begin, and gives you a step-by-step guide on how to graduate, and what you can do to help transition from school into a career.

You've already graduated

We take care of our alumni at Centennial College and that same Graduating Students section has a link to our dedicated Alumni website, where you can sign up for special services and discounts, and learn about how your college can keep serving you after you depart.