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Episode 1: Diverse Figures in the Past that Have Shaped Public Relations

Episode 1: Diverse Figures in the Past that Have Shaped Public Relations

Joseph V. Baker public relations pioneer

"In recognition of Black History Month, students feature Black PR pioneers as highlighted in the Museum of Public Relations."

On today’s episode, we focus on the diverse figures of the past who have shaped the public relations (PR) industry. In recognition of Black History Month, we would like to acknowledge Black PR pioneers and historical figures as highlighted in the Museum of Public Relations.  

Listen in to see how diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) played a role in PR’s past. Diversity had value even then, and helped the Black community survive. This episode features diverse voices from Centennial College’s Bachelor of Public Relations Management Program: Mikhail Grishin, Greer Rynax,and Jerome Kitenge.

Stay tuned for episode two, launching on March 3 where we share new stories, hearing from recent graduates and PR professionals on what diversity in PR looks like today. And make sure to read our blog post this week, where we provide more nuance and dialogue on today's episode.

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Guest Speakers


Greer Rynax
Highly motivated and hardworking first-year Public Relations student, aspiring public relations consultant. My passion for media brought me to Centennial College, where I am studying to get my bachelor’s in public Relations Management.

Mikhail Grishin
My name is Mike, I'm Russian. It's my first year of study in Centennial College’s Bachelor of Public Relations program. I love to create many things such as music, videos, custom clothes etc.

Jerome Kitenge
I'm in my first year of the public relations BA, my passion is photography and I love to discover and learn new things in every subject. Some fun facts are that I'm a wealth of useless knowledge, so when it comes to trivia, I'm definitely the person you need on your team if you want to win. I have also worked in social media and marketing before, I chose PR because I want to understand both sides of the industry and use them to be able to tell better stories that reflect and can speak to all demographics rather than just what a client may be asking for.