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Episode 2: One Thing at a Time

Episode 2: One Thing at a Time

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Engaging in UDL is a process. Processes need steps. In this episode, Child and Youth Care Faculty member Paola Ostinelli discusses her journey through understanding UDL, and offers a beginning step: Choosing one thing at a time and building from there. With the tools we have available, it is doable!

Guest Speaker

Paola Ostinelli

Faculty, Child and Youth Care program

Paola is a faculty member in the Child and Youth Care Program at Centennial College since 2016. Paola has been teaching since 2010 and has worked in the Child and Youth Care field for over 15 years. Prior to teaching, Paola has worked in various settings with children, youth, and families in schools, community settings, residential treatment and mental health programs, hospitals, and in private practice. Paola is excited to share her journey of understanding UDL and incorporating elements to support students and remove barriers to their learning and access to course content.