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For Students

Students already know that the world is moving at a dizzying speed. They are faced with this reality every day. Students also know that in the future, they will likely face the responsibility of addressing social injustice at the personal, professional and global level. They will be asked to think critically about their commitments and to choose actions that can bring about progressive change. Their success will depend on their ability to be agile and creative on their career path.

Centennial College thoughtfully guides students down this path. We believe that learning happens best in a safe, guided and supportive environment – one that allows for interactive collaboration and experiential, project-based activities. ARIC creates this very environment through our inspired partnerships with leading-edge companies. 

At ARIC, we prepare students to thrive in our ever-demanding, fast-paced culture by erasing the boundaries between the classroom and the workplace. We propose interdisciplinary and experiential learning. We invite students to apply their knowledge, skills and ingenuity to produce business deliverables to local companies. Through applied research, ARIC gives students the opportunity to make career-changing connections with industry leaders.

We give students relevant exposure to the process of applied research. Students carefully study and examine problems, trouble-shoot, thoroughly test theories and devise concrete plans. This experience increases students’ job market readiness, as The Conference Board of Canada reports that “participation in applied research projects improves students’ technical and employability skills, innovation literacy and entrepreneurial ambitions, thereby contributing to the innovation-readiness of the future workforce.”

Students learn about industry demands, gaining helpful feedback from leaders in their chosen fields – a priceless asset in today’s competitive job market. These collaborations also allow students to demonstrate their ingenuity, refining their research and innovation skills.

With ARIC, students explore the infinite possibilities of their potential. Begin by looking at our Innovation Navigator. Contact us today to see how we can get started: 416-289-5128 or