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Apprenticeship Exemption Testing

Apprenticeship Exemption Testing

For those impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Centennial College is working through the COVID-19 situation while ensuring the health and safety of our community. In response to this, the Assessment Centre, here at Centennial College, is offering limited in-person test appointments.

All individuals accessing Centennial College campuses must be fully vaccinated. For more information about accessing Centennial College campuses, please follow these steps listed in the Guide to Accessing Centennial Campuses.

You must have full vaccination status against COVID-19, complete the Assessment Centre Entry Guidelines and Protocols Form, and clear pre-screening with campus security before you be allowed to enter the campus.

Information about skilled trades and apprentice can be found at

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What is Apprenticeship Exemption Testing?

If you’re learning a skilled trade, Apprenticeship Exemption Testing lets you skip in-class studies. Centennial College has specifically been designated by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development as an authorized trade exemption test site.

If you’re an apprentice, Depending on your job experience and your level of expertise, you can challenge the in-school part of your apprenticeship program.

When you successfully completing a trade exemption test, you’ll be exempted from some or all of an apprenticeship’s formal instruction requirements.

Earn Apprenticeship Training Levels 1 & 2 with our Motive Power programs

Centennial College's AutomotiveTruck and Coach, and Heavy Duty Motive Power Technician diplomas now offer equivalency for levels 1 and 2 apprenticeship in-school training, which means you can complete your in-class training requirements before you go out to find an employer to sponsor you in the workplace.

For more information, visit Motive Power programs offer apprenticeship training levels 1 and 2.

Apprenticeship and exam policy inquiries

The Assessment Centre is happy to answer questions about exam day and fee payment. But for all questions and concerns regarding your apprenticeship and exam policy, please contact the Ontario College of Trades.

Visit the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development's Apprenticeship Offices in Ontario for a complete list of apprenticeship offices in Ontario.

Apprenticeship Exemption Test Requirements

If you’re planning on taking an exemption test, you need to possess all the entry-level requirements for the trade you want to obtain exemption for. Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program participants can also write Apprenticeship Exemption Tests. Exemption tests must be written in sequential order and without any omissions.

Successfully completing an Apprenticeship Exemption Test requires a grade of 70% or higher. After successfully completing an Apprenticeship Exemption Test, you have two years to become a registered apprentice.

If a student has not obtained a grade of 70% or higher, they must wait three months before they can re-write the exemption test.

Most exemption tests take three hours to complete. The minimum age to write an exemption test is 16.

Fees and payment

A fee of $150 will be charged for all Apprenticeship Exemption Tests, and $50 will be charged for each Reportable Subject Test.

Book your Exemption or Reportable Subject Exam

Register online to arrange and pay for your appointment. You will receive written confirmation of your appointment upon completing your on-line request.

Online bookings are only accepted. Arrive for your exam 30 minutes before your scheduled start time. Ensure you have valid government issued photo ID your social number number and the Centennial College Entry Guidelines Protocol form you receive when you register with you for presentation and entry.

Arrive for your exam 30 minutes before your scheduled start time. Ensure you have valid government issued photo ID with you.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify the Assessment Centre 7 days in advance. There are no refunds for no shows or cancellations received without advanced notice.