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Skills Assessments

Skills Assessments

What is a Skills Assessment?

Skills assessment is a testing system to measure your English and mathematical skill level. Skills Assessment results are valid for two (2) calendar years and may not be repeated unless approved. Students who have previously completed Communications (COMM) courses at Centennial College are exempt for English assessments. There are two reasons to complete the skills assessment:


1. Admission Assessment - To meet outstanding admission requirements

If you have an outstanding admission requirement, you may be given the opportunity of writing a communications skills assessment and/or a math skills assessment to demonstrate your academic readiness for the program for which you applied.

To find out whether or not a skills assessment test you need to complete, please log into centennialcollege.ca/myApplication using your Centennial Student ID # or contact the Admissions department at admissions@centennialcollege.ca or 416-289-5300.


2. Placement Skills Assessment - To determine the communications or math course you will be placed in at the start of your program

Many programs have required communications or math courses. The skills assessment will determine which communications or math course you will initially be placed at the start of your program.

If you see COMM-999 or MATH-999 on your schedule it means you have not yet completed the skills assessment or the assessment score hasn't been entered into the system. If your score has not been entered into the system two business days after your skills assessment, please contact the Assessment Centre at assessmentcentre@centennialcollege.ca.

Complete your skills assessment as soon as possible, with the goal of having completed well before your program begins.

Do you need accommodations for a disability?

If you have a documented learning disability, medical or mental health condition, physical, mobility, visual, or hearing disability, you may be able to complete your skills assessment with accommodations. Please contact our Centre for Accessible Learning and Counselling Services.

Please contact us early to ensure that you can receive appropriate accommodations.

If you live outside the Greater Toronto Area, arrangements for writing with accommodations can be made in your community. 

When should I book my assessment?

If you are writing an admissions assessment  

To meet outstanding admission requirements - It is recommended you book your assessment as soon as you receive a "We want you to qualify letter" from Enrollment Services as programs fill quickly.

Next steps:

1. Determine which skills assessment you need to complete

See which skills assessments you need to complete by logging into centennialcollege.ca/myApplication using your Centennial Student ID #.

Having problems logging in? Contact  ITServiceDesk@centennialcollge.ca or (416) 289-5280.

2. Prepare for your assessment

Learn about your assessment’s format and review the study materials to prepare for your assessment.

3. Complete your assessment

You have two options to complete your assessment: Online or in-person at Centennial College.


You can write your assessment in your home or any other undisturbed environment. All you need is a computer, a web camera, and a high-speed internet connection. Click here for information on how to write your assessment online.


If you would prefer, you can write your skills assessments in-person at Centennial College. Click here for information on how to write your assessment in-person.