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Instructions for Skills Assessment - Placement In Person

Instructions for Skills Assessment - Placement In Person

You need to take a skills assessment for placement to register in your Communications (English) course, and if required, your Math course. Your results show which course(s) you should add to your timetable. Complete the skills assessment before the start of the semester so you do not miss any classes.

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All individuals accessing Centennial College campuses must be fully vaccinated. For more information about accessing Centennial College campuses, please follow these steps listed in the Guide to Accessing Centennial Campuses

You must have full vaccination status against COVID-19, complete the Assessment Centre Entry Guidelines and Protocols Form, and clear pre-screening with campus security before you be allowed to enter the campus.

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A practice test for the skills assessment is available online. Click for more information about Study Materials

Assessment Format

Click for more information about the Assessment Format.

Transfer Credits

If you have a Transfer of Credits from another post-secondary institution that you would like to be considered for your English or Math courses, you must apply for a Transfer of Credit before the application deadline. Learn more about Transfer Credits.

Why do you need to write a Skills Assessment?

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