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Instructions for Skills Assessment - Placement Online

Instructions for Skills Assessment - Placement Online

You need to take a skills assessment for placement to register in your Communications (English) course, and if required, your Math course. Your results show which course(s) you should add to your timetable. Complete the skills assessment before the start of the semester so you do not miss any classes.

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To take your skill assessment online the Assessment Centre will send you instructions, a voucher and an access code to your personal and My.Centennial email accounts. The voucher and access code are required when you make your appointment. Take note of the voucher expiry date. Please ensure the date of your online test appointment is before the expiry date of your voucher and before the start of classes. You can not write a online skills assessment with an expired voucher.

There is no fee for this service. Appointment dates and times are of your choosing.
To prepare for your online skills assessment you will need the following:

  • Desktop or laptop computer with internet, headset, and camera (tablets and Chromebooks are not supported)
  • Desk or table in a private room with a door – you may not take the test on the floor or sitting on a bed
  • Current government-issued photo ID

You will receive a confirmation email that your appointment is confirmed and a follow-up reminder email 48 hours before your scheduled online appointment.

On test day, you will have an identification verification by the proctor. As soon as this verification process is complete, you can begin your skills assessment. After the final question, you simply submit your test.

Your college record will be updated with your skills assessment scores within 48 hours and you can complete your timetable for English and math courses using your myCentennial login. If you need assistance please contact your School’s Success Advisor.

Preparing for your online skills assessment:

  • Follow the instructions provided at the Examity Website to register and become familiar with how online proctoring with Examity works. After you register with Examity you will receive a confirmation email from Please check your mailbox including your junk/spam folder as it may be there in error.
  • Test your computer 4 hours prior to any assessments to be sure it is working properly.

If you need assistance with scheduling your skills assessment please go to Examity's website. All the information needed to schedule the skills assessment with Examity is located here.

Additional support is also available via LIVE CHAT at the sign on page. Click on the orange message icon "Chat with an expert".

Important Note Regarding Last Names

If you do not have a last name on your official documents, or registered at the college without a last name, then a full-stop/period ( . ) was used in the place of a last name. If you are in this situation, during the Examity registration and test session, please use a full-stop/period when asked to complete the last name section.

Study Materials

A practice test for the skills assessment is available online. Click for more information about Study Materials

Assessment Format

Click for more information about the Assessment Format

Transfer Credits

If you have Transfer of Credits from another post-secondary institution that you would like to be considered for your English or Math courses, you must apply for a Transfer of Credit before the application deadline. Click for more information about Transfer Credits.

Why do you need to write a Skills Assessment?

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