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Administrative Staff

Donald Wang, P.Eng., C.E.T., B.A.Sc. (Chair)

Donald Wang is a Professional Engineer with over 20 years of engineering experience. Donald holds an Engineering degree from the University of Toronto and a Fluid Power Technology Diploma from Centennial College. He has over 12 years of industrial automation experience in process engineering, project engineering and engineering managerial positions. Over the past 14 years, Donald has been working at various positions in Centennial College including Professor, Program Coordinator, and Chair. Currently, Donald is the Chair of the Advanced Manufacturing & Automation Technology Department (AMAT) within the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science (SETAS).  He is responsible for programs including the Energy Systems Engineering Technology programs.  He has been the recipient of awards for Key Performance Indicators (KPI), teaching excellence (George Wiken Award, Board of Governor's Award), and robotics competitions. Donald has also successfully designed, built, installed, and commissioned equipment in automation/control systems.  His specialties are in electrical power systems, PLCs, hydraulics, HMI, motion controls, and pneumatic systems. Together with his team, he has a special interest in wind, solar, geothermal, building automation, and conventional power systems.

Faculty/Staff Researchers

El-Hedi Maloufi, B.Sc., M.Eng, P.Eng.

El-Hedi Maloufi holds a Bachelor of Science degree from North Carolina State University, and a Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Quebec at Montreal, where he was also a PhD candidate. Maloufi is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario with over 15 years of experience in power generation working with companies including General Electric and Toronto Hydro. In both his professional and educational careers he has completed research studies related to solar, wind and geothermal energy. Currently, Maloufi is a professor in the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science (SETAS) and is the coordinator of the Energy Systems Engineering Technology programs. His main research interests include applied research in wind and solar power generation, as well as power equipment efficiency.  In addition, Mr. Maloufi participated in the conception, calculations and design of the first solar chimney power plant, which was planned to be constructed in the Algerian desert, with Professor Jörg Schlaich from Stuttgart University in Germany. A prototype of the solar chimney plant was constructed in Manzanares, Spain in 1983/1984.

Gerardo Canzonieri, B.Sc. Eng, M.Sc. EE/BME

Gerardo Canzonieri earned his Master's degree at Iowa State University, where his Master's thesis was on the "Design of Ultrasonic, Pulsed Doppler Flow Meter." Since then, he has spent time as an Instrumentation Engineer at Papel del Tucuman, an integrated power plant located in Tucuman, Argentina, where he was in charge of the instrumentation and control system for paper processing, water and effluent treatment. At Papel del Tucuman, Gerardo set up the pressure boiler control system, and the SIEMENS Counter Pressure Turbine that was used to cogenerate electric power from returning steam. Through his work in electrical power generation and distribution, Gerardo designed electronic backup systems (battery/battery-less) and holds a patent for a novel ignition system for Internal Combustion Engines. For over 20 years, Gerardo has taught courses at the university and college levels. He joined Centennial College in 2007, and is currently a Professor in the Advanced Manufacturing & Automation Technology department of SETAS where he imparts the knowledge he has gained over his illustrious career to students, through such subjects as Feedback Control; Electric Machines and Microcontrollers; Electronics; PLC; Robotics; and Wind, Solar, and thermal generation. He continues to conduct research on Energy Systems, Energy Storage, Fuel Cells, Instrumentation and Process Control.

Cristina Toma, Ph.D., P.Eng. (Research Professor)

Cristina Toma is a Professor at the School of Engineering Technology & Applied Science (SETAS) at Centennial College since 2004. She brings to Centennial extensive teaching and research experience (12 years in Europe) along with industrial research experience (9 years in Europe and Canada). She obtained her PhD degree in Engineering at INSA Lyon in France in 1997. Cristina is one of the leading experts in power transmission with a number of research topics in Europe and in Canada (Magna Ltd.) that are focused mostly on aerospace and automotive. Her research at Centennial College is focused on renewable energy developing new wind turbine designs.

Anfeng (Mark) Ma, Dip.Eng.Tech

Anfeng (Mark) Ma is the Automation Lab Technologist in the department of Advanced Manufacturing & Automation Technology in the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science (SETAS).  Mark works with the following programs: Automation & Robotics, Energy Systems Engineering Technology, day release Electrician Apprenticeship program, and the Media Engineering Design Integration program.  He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Automation from Xi'an Polytechnic University, China, and has received Embedded Linux & Vxworks System Training from BBT College of Technology. He is a licensed Industrial Electrician (442A) in Ontario, and brings 10 years of strong design and hands-on experience in electrical, electronic, and multimedia engineering from China. In addition to his Lab Technologist duties, Mark teaches in the Department of Continuing Education.