Centennial Comes Out

Centennial Comes Out


During Pride Month 2017, we launched Centennial Comes Out - a community building initiative for Centennial's 2SLGBTQQIA community to share coming out stories and further enhance an inclusive and safer learning, teaching and working environment.

We acknowledge that coming out is a very individual, complex, nuanced, ongoing process that can look very different to different people. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your journey with others, which may inspire someone to share theirs, making invisible stories visible to our College community. It could be a short account of how you came out, who you told, what prompted you to do so or perhaps the outcome, which can have a powerful impact. Your story will be displayed along with your photo, on the Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion Board just outside our office at B2-10, Progress Campus. If you are interested in participating, please contact Manny Rodrigues at mrodrigues@centennialcollege.ca or at extension 3368.

We are very proud to show off last year's participants in the Centennial Comes Out campaign, please see below for these powerful stories.

Photo of Sterling Crowe, Manager, Co-Curricular Student Learning and Development Student and Community Engagement
Sterling Crowe

Picture of Morgan (Emm) Charron
Morgan Charron

Photo of Mezart Daulet, Research Assistant
Mezart Daulet

Photo of Neil Buddel
Neil Buddel

Picture of Manny Rodrigues
Manny Rodrigues

Picture of Scott Tanaka
Scott Tanaka

Picture of Gabriel Beddard
Gabriel Beddard

Photo of Centennial College Chair Barry Waite
Barry Waite

Picture of Darren Stevens
Darren Stevens

Picture of Greg Long
Greg Long

Picture of Angel Arraiz
Angel Arraiz

Picture of Giscard El-Khoury
Giscard El-Khoury

Picture of Mike Countryman
Mike Countryman

Picture of Genevieve Cohen
Genevieve Cohen

Picture of Dean Cowell
Dean Cowell

Picture of Melanie Richardson
Melanie Richardson

Picture of Linda Mhora
Linda Mhora

Picture of Ron Schafrick
Ron Schafrick

Picture of Jennifer Woodill
Jennifer Woodill

Picture of Paolo Zinatelli
Paolo Zinatelli

Photo of Via Dulay
Via Dulay

Photo of Alison De Boer
Alison De Boer

Photo of Marianne Sipione
Marianne Sipione

Photo of Rick Ezekiel
Rick Ezekiel

Photo of Christopher Jackman
Christopher Jackman

Photo of Sean Kinsella
Sean Kinsella

Photo of Danika Hussey
Danika Hussey

Photo of Onar Usar
Onar Usar