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TikTok #ShowYourPrideCC Challenge: Ready, Set… Show Your Pride

TikTok #ShowYourPrideCC Challenge: Ready, Set… Show Your Pride


Pride is an opportunity to celebrate Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and asexual (2SLGBTQQIA+) communities and further our commitment to creating more inclusive spaces. Last year’s event raised $15,000 for student bursaries, and this June we hope to exceed that amount. As part of the Virtual Pride festivities for this year, we are asking for video submissions to Show Your Pride on TikTok.

The #ShowYourPrideCC challenge is a fun virtual way to continue the Pride celebrations at home. Bring the glitz and glam to the camera and participate in whatever way makes you comfortable! We want to see the before and after of your Pride gear. Be inspired by our example from last year.



To participate this year: Use TikTok, Instagram Reels or a video editing app of choice to record your Pride transformation video. The goal is to capture your before and after look showing off your Pride gear using the platform’s video effects and transition to seamlessly stitch together the two looks. Once your video is ready to show off, use the hashtag #ShowYourPrideCC when you post. Don’t have social media? No problem. Simply record the video using your phone.

Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of a finished professional video, so make it one of your top priorities during filming. The sun is one of the best light sources for video. If you’re filming in natural light, do your best to get your footage in the morning or evening, when the light is softer. Midday light coming from straight overhead can cast harsh shadows on your subjects, while morning and evening light is more flattering.

If you’re filming indoors, you will need to be more intentional about the types of lights you use and where you place them. One thing to avoid is overhead lighting – it can cast unflattering shadows on your subjects’ faces. Windows are a good natural light source. You can also use a large lamp or two to cast the type of light you want. Before you set up your light sources, consider the effect you want to create in your finished video.

Be deliberate about the background you use for filming. One easy way to get a professional look for your video is to use a solid-colored background. A wall, a bedsheet, or a large sheet of backdrop paper are all good options. Make sure your subject stands several feet away from the backdrop to avoid casting shadows on it. Be careful not to film with a window or another reflective surface in the background of your shot. You could inadvertently catch the camera in the reflection. Besides that, having a light source like a window behind your subject can make the subject look dark and shadowy.

The last step before filming is planning! Decide on a way you would like to show off your Pride however you feel comfortable - from showing off your dance moves, musical talent, baking skills, or sharing your support with the Centennial Fam. The plan is to film a clip of yourself before ‘pre-pride in casual attire’ and after to reveal your rainbow Pride-themed colours to your celebration.

When you’re ready, start your video to record your before clips in your ‘casual scene or attire.’

Bathrobe, sweat pants, favourite PJs, laid out cooking ingredients- it’s up to you! This is your ‘pre-Pride’ look! Pause or end the first part of your video while you plan your props or transition pose, such as a brush, fan or even your hand and cover the camera lens. Off-camera, get dressed up and Show Your Pride - it’s your time to shine! Find your most colourful gear from the Pride rainbow colours. Once you have a way to shift from one scene to the next, you're good to go.

Record the second part of the video. Show the transition, by moving the object back from the camera lens in reverse and revealing your transformation!

Effects are used to customize and add details to your TikTok videos. Effects can be added before and after you record a video, but some effects are only available before recording and others are only available after. Here is a link to instructions.

When you’re ready, start your video to record your before clips in your ‘casual scene or attire.’

Note: you can use any song to get you into the pride spirit! Audio will not be used in the final compilation video, as all videos will be synched to the same song - “Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield.”

Once your video is ready to show off, use the hashtag #ShowYourPrideCC when you post. Don’t have social media? No problem. Simply record the video using your phone. Send your #ShowYourPrideCC submission here.